A top ten of the best Edward Norton films with at number one the fighting drama Fight Club with Brad Pitt, at number two 25th Hour and finally at number three Moonrise Kingdom. If you’re a fan of Edward Norton, be sure to let us know what you think of these top 10 in the comments.

1. Fight Club

A man who travels town and country as a loss adjuster for an insurance company suffers from chronic insomnia. However, he does not receive any medication from a doctor, but a sneering remark: “ Just go and have a look at a support group for the terminally ill, then you will see what pain really means. ” The man takes it seriously and visits a support group where people assumes he is also terminally ill. He finds an outlet there and subsequently visits other support groups. During one of those visits he meets the mysterious Marla Singer. When he comes home from a flight one day, it turns out there was an explosion in his apartment. He calls Tyler Durden, an extravagant man he just met on the plane before. Tyler answers, and they go out for a beer together. Tyler appears to have quite idiosyncratic ideas.

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2. 25th Hour

The film tells about Monty Brogan’s last day off, before he has to go to prison for seven years for dealing drugs. He roams the city until dawn with two close friends and a girlfriend. He reflects on his life and how he ended up in this situation.

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3. Moonrise Kingdom

In the summer of 1965, when teenagers in love, Sam and Suzy, run away from home, the otherwise quiet island on the American east coast is in turmoil. Everyone is mobilized to track down the two: from the local Boy Scouts that Sam belongs to under the leadership of Scoutmaster Ward (Edward Norton) to the wimpy Sheriff Sharp (Bruce Willis) who has a secret affair with Suzy’s mother (Frances McDormand). A looming storm and the arrival of the strict youth care worker (Tilda Swinton) put events on edge.

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4. Isle of Dogs

In Japan in the near future an outbreak of dog attacks is underway. Because of this, a corrupt mayor decides to banish all dogs to the island full of trash, Trash Island. Twelve-year-old Atari Kobayashi travels to this place in search of his pet Spots and encounters a mob led by Rex. Together they embark on an epic journey that will determine the future of the entire area.

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5. Birdman of (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance)

A run-down actor who once played an iconic superhero tries to revive his career with the help of a Broadway play based on a story by Raymond Carver. However, his plan is jeopardized by the enormous ego of its protagonist. In addition, he also has concerns within the family, which does not make things much easier.

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6. The Grand Budapest Hotel

The Grand Budapest Hotel tells the story of a legendary hotel manager (Ralph Fiennes) of a famous European hotel. In between wars, he befriends a young associate (Tony Revolori) who becomes a confidant of his. The story revolves around the theft of a priceless Renaissance painting, the struggle for a huge family fortune and the upheavals that transform Europe in the first half of the 20th century.

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7. Primal Fear

An arrogant lawyer takes the case of a boy who was arrested by the police while running from the murder of a bishop. The case becomes complex when it becomes clear that, besides the boy, there may be a third person present at the time of the murder.

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8. The People vs. Larry Flynt

Strip club owner Larry Flynt and his wife Althea create a porn magazine that tries to break society’s taboos. “Hustler” not only brings the Flynts millions in profit, but also the ire of many “decent” people. Various charges ensure that Flynt spends many hours in court. Meanwhile, after attempting to murder him, Flynt becomes paralyzed, dealing with drug addiction, mental illness and Althea’s deteriorating health.

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9. The Painted Veil

1922, Shanghai. When bacteriologist Walter discovers that his wife Kitty is cheating on him, he decides to accept a position in a remote area of ​​China where cholera is rife. Kitty has no choice but to follow him. Gradually Kitty discovers that her husband has a less tough side than she thought. Then fate strikes ….

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10. American History X

Danny Vinyard is a teenager completely under the influence of his older brother, the skinhead Derek. When Danny writes an enthusiastic report on Hitler’s ‘Mein Kampf’ at school, the headmaster presents him with the choice of either writing an essay about his brother Derek or getting kicked out of school. Derek’s hatred of other races stems from the murder of his father. Derek joins a gang and ends up in prison for murder. Free again, Derek has changed. He wants to teach a number of people a lesson, including his own brother …

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